Great Opportunity for the Academy

We have an opportunity to upgrade the bleachers in our gym during the next few weeks (days possibly).  A gentleman from Rockford has located bleachers with green seats at an auction in AL that he is purchasing today!  The bleachers were made in 2009 and have been in storage for the last two years.  They will fit very nicely in our gym, and, as you can see in the pictures, would be a GREAT improvement.  We would gain comfort, some leg room, and aisles with handrails!  We need to raise $11,000 for the bleachers and installation.

Could you help us?  We need commitments to fund this purchase and know that we are not undermining the budget for the upcoming year.  This is not something we had planned on, but the bleachers are about a third of the price of new bleachers.  Ours are old and need to be replaced (comfort, ease of use, safety, and appearance, to name just a few reasons).

This emergency request seems necessary because this opportunity is too good to miss!  Thank you for your quick response!
We would like to get these bleachers installed in our gym sometime between June10-21!
Thank you for any amount you can contribute.