Over 50 Years of Academic Excellence

Why Marquette Manor Baptist Academy?

Why MMBA? It’s a great question, parents. When it comes to choosing a school, you have many options to consider. Here are some of the reasons why MMBA is a rewarding choice for your family.

Strong Academics

Starting in K5, where students learn to read, and continuing through each academic year to twelfth grade, our classrooms are designed so maximum learning takes place. With moderate class sizes that support a healthy teacher-student ratio, we work to develop our students to their fullest potential.

Our high school is college preparatory in its curriculum with most of our graduates continuing on to higher education.

Spiritual Emphasis

Strong academics, however, aren’t enough. We live in a world full of spiritual dangers where enticements toward harmful influences abound. MMBA seeks to help students develop a Biblical worldview, a framework for making wise choices, thus providing a secure environment where students are shielded from unbiblical influences. Students at all levels participate in daily Bible classes and weekly chapel programs, and elementary students also enjoy multi-cultural experiences through correspondence and interaction with missionaries who serve the Lord selflessly in foreign lands.

Our junior and senior high students begin the school year with Connections Week. Besides listening to challenging preaching from a visiting evangelist, students establish friendships, interact with faculty and staff, and develop a sense of camaraderie — all in an environment where they are confronted, encouraged, and challenged with the truths of the Word of God.

Fine Arts

Because of financial pressures, many schools find themselves reducing or eliminating their fine arts programs. At MMBA, we consider fine arts a staple of what we offer.

Students participate in choirs, band, speech, instrumental groups, and more. Our qualified instructors give structured and individualized instruction on a variety of levels, and our students have consistently earned high markings at various local, state, and national competitions.


Young people love athletics! We understand that a strong athletics program provides a great environment for developing diligence, teamwork, character, and an attitude of winning and losing graciously. Led by coaches who know and love the Lord but are also able to help young people develop, our athletic teams include soccer for boys, volleyball for girls, and basketball for boys and girls.

In addition to organized sports teams, we offer physical education classes up through 10th grade as well as structured activities that help young people develop physically.

Our Graduates

With a strong focus on academic preparation, character development, and moral integrity, our graduates have made a profound impact worldwide. They distinguish themselves, contribute to society, and serve God faithfully and capably in just about every noble professional category imaginable. MMBA graduates have gone on to successful careers in fields such as medicine, music, ministry, the military, business, law, engineering, education, and public service.

Parents, because of these reasons and many more, we hope you will consider enrolling your children in MMBA.

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