Academic Information

Elementary (Grades 1-6)

Our goal, at Marquette Manor, is to come alongside parents to assist in training up children in the faith while cultivating critical thinking skills, developing a curious mindset, and fostering a love for learning. We seek to help students grow in the unique gifts and abilities God has given them while still encouraging students to experience and learn new things.

Elementary Overview

Our elementary program is committed to excellence and is designed to help students grow in all subject areas. Reading (focused on mastering phonics), mathematics, grammar, spelling, science, history, and geography are all included in the overall curriculum.

Highlights include:

  • Loving and caring staff
  • A phonics-based reading program
  • A Bible-based curriculum
  • Weekly art classes
  • A well-rounded music program
  • Physical education program
  • Field trips
  • Opportunities for competition
  • Bible quizzing
  • Academic testing